Umbrella Act

Interested in art, permaculture and creative ways of moving forward?

We are a group of eco-artists who wants to start a dialogue about our throwaway society and facilitate spaces to discuss and explore possibilities for ways forward.

We want to create with you, chat with you, inspire and be inspired by you!

The Umbrella Act Project

We have chosen to take on an oft seen emblem of the throwaway society – the broken umbrella. Through a process of creatively upcycling this wasted resource we hope to bring together like-minded people to share ideas about life, art, sustainability and permaculture.

Umbrellas could be upcycled into functional or artistic objects, they may be symbolic or repurposed to be used in a ritual action or performance. Just let your imagination take it where it wants to go!

The resulting artworks will be exhibited in different London venues (TBC) and later used to decorate the IPCUK convergence site.

Workshop sessions


If you would like to attend or host a workshop of your own, please contact us and we will be happy to collaborate with you and include the works in the final exhibitions.

Workshops are happening in the following places, each workshop is limited to 12 participants so please email ahead to book your place:


Bristol 4th April, 10.30 - 1pm at Repair Cafe - contact: [email protected]

Norfolk 11th April The Grange Land site  (Also the eastern permaculture gathering happening at the same place folks) contact [email protected]

London: Westminster 11th April, 10am-1pm at Small Works, Peabody Vauxhall Estate, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1TA - Contact :  [email protected]

Cradley, Herefordshire 14th April 2-5pm part of the Conversation exhibition at the  Blue Ginger gallery - Contact: [email protected] or telephone 01886880240

Plymouth 18th April, 1-4pm at Devonport Live Community Centre, 56-58 George Street, Devonport, PL1 4HR - Contact Anairda: [email protected]

Totnes 19th April, 10am-1pm  at Re-Store Contact Hannah Gardiner: [email protected]

Oxford April 19th Oarc Princes Street East Oxford Community centre Contact Joe McCrohon [email protected] 11-4pm

Norwich 18th and 25th April at Stew Gallery  Contact: [email protected]

London Farringdon April 23rd, 11am-5pm at Theatre delicatessen  Contact: [email protected]

London Clapham 25th April 6-9pm at Come We Grow in Cafe Cairo Contact Hannah Gardiner [email protected]

London Morden 26th April 4pm-7pm at May Project gardens  Contact Hannah Gardiner [email protected]


Further events

We are planning further pop-up interventions.

We want to create one-off events in the street -  to get involved, please contact us!


How to help us

We are of course collecting broken umbrellas and scrap materials to be used in the endeavours. All donations welcome!

For more information, please e-mail [email protected]


Add your photo

We would like for people to be able to contribute, even if they are unable to attend an organised workshop or event.

If you want to join in and contribute to our "umbrella of change" around the world, it will be coming up very soon a photo contribution feature on this very page to show off all your fantastic umbrella designs.


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