Sing the Change You Want to See: Propagating the Permaculture Narrative

How can we ensure that a “culture” of permaculture is developed and propagated as much as the practical design skills and the ‘nuts & bolts’ of implementation? How do we – and why should we – rewrite the stories of our present day society to ones that reflect the Earthcare, Peoplecare and Fairshare ethics?

Endowed with artistic flair? Musical talent? Gift of the gab? How can we use these skills to effectively communicate ideas of permaculture to the wider world?

How important is it that we learn to become storytellers and meme-makers as much as earth carers?


Charlie Mgee is the frontman for the electroswing permaculture ukulele band, Formidable Vegetable Sound System. For the past three years, the band has been taking the permaculture principles to festivals and dancefloors around the world in an attempt to move permaculture into the mainstream.

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