Poetry – Song Lines of the Earth

‘We will begin again to breathe

in rhythm with the earth moving

beneath our feet, moaning

in her ecstasy a psalm written

in the body of our souls’ – Siobhan Mac Mahon

Poetry can speak to us, directly, in the language of love, from the heart of the earth. Piercing the armour of our forgetfulness we can hear her singing her forgotten melodies, whispering her secret promises, crying out in her anguish and reminding us of ‘the place we once called home’.

Through both written and spoken poetry we can, in our very many different voices, create a rich harmony celebrating and honouring this beautiful earth.

The word poem comes from the Greek poiein meaning ‘to make’. During this conference we will be making a large group poem from your words and wisdom. You are invited to join in the making of this poem, envisioning what it is you, at this crucial time on our earth, want to make/create? What are you grieving for? What are you longing for and what do you want to dream into being?

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing’ - Arundhati Roy


Siobhan is Irish Performance Poet, Playwright and Poetry Activist living in Yorkshire. Her poems, powerful and often funny, celebrate our sacred connection to the Earth and the return of the Divine Feminine.

She performs widely in England, Ireland and Europe, from the vaulted heights of The University of Vienna, The Southbank Centre, London and York Cathedral through to muddy festival fields, Art Centres, Theatres, Literary festivals and local radio. https://vimeo.com/102652072

She has been organising Poetry events and creating Spoken Word projects for over 20 years, combining Spoken Word with music, with dance and with film including -The Mouth of the Cave, Voices of Women and Exploring the Divine Feminine. She is actively involved in the 100 Thousand Poets for Change worldwide movement and regularly organises a large multi-cultural gathering of poets for International Women’s Day. Her recent multi-lingual poetry film Forgotten Memory has been shown at the Cork Film Festival and at the Cyclops Film Festival, Ukraine. - http://youtu.be/daY7jIjjQUM

Her poetry has been published both online and in print – most recently in a Bloodaxe/ Raving beauties Anthology – Hallelujah for 50 Foot Women. Winner of the Ilkley lit. Fest. Open Mic. 2008 and Sheffield Off the Shelf lit. Fest. ‘Poet Star’ 2006.

Siobhan runs writing and performance workshops, often working with marginalized, vulnerable or dis-advantaged groups, focusing on poetry as a tool for self- expression, healing and creative growth.

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