Permaculture your School and Transform your Town

Robina will share her methodology for establishing SEED (Schools Environmental Education & Development) - a progressive unique blend of permaculture, traditional culture and PRA (Participatory Rural/Rapid Appraisal). 

She will focus on the hands-on ‘technology transfer’ and ‘multiplication strategies’ used to evolve SEED from a squatter settlement pilot, into a nationwide leading-edge programme, honoured by the Sth African Dept of Education as a model for the future. 

She will talk about how by partnering with the business sector, SEED has ‘permacultured’ the town of Garobapa in Brazil, where she introduced it in 2003. 

Robina’s presentation will conclude with stories and images depicting the explosion of permaculture in schools in her home country of Aotearoa/New Zealand.


Robina McCurdy from Aotearoa-New Zealand, is a dynamic, participatory-style, outcomes-based educator. Over the past 30 years she has worked nationally and globally as a community development facilitator, organic growing tutor, documentary producer and Permaculture educator/designer - focusing on schools, urban neighbourhoods, farms, ecovillages and bioregions. She has published educational resources for developing sustainable communities with a practical grounding in permaculture.

Robina is the founder of ‘Earthcare Education Aotearoa’ (, the ‘Localising Food Project’ ( and ‘SEED’ ( One of her many original publications is ‘A Teacher’s Guide to Creating ‘Edible Learnscapes with Children’. Over the past two years Robina has been working on Earthcare’s localising food documentary series, including ‘Growing Schools’, which she wishes to launch at the conference.

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Robina is founder of Tui Land Trust,


Institute of Earthcare Education Aotearoa,

and The Localising Food Project

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