Permaculture and Development: A Global Case Study

We will present our preliminary findings from our research on permaculture development projects globally. Broadly, the goal of our research is to develop tools and resources to help organizations improve the efficacy of permaculture development projects. Our preliminary inquiries suggest that there have been many successful permaculture development projects, but there is little available information about them. Therefore, we are conducting a web-based survey, semi-structured interviews, and secondary data collection on permaculture development work. This information will allow us to develop an understanding of how permaculture is used in development work and to synthesis best practices and common challenges, which we will share and build on at the IPC.


The Regenerative Development Initiative (RDI) is a collaboration between four passionate women who share a commitment to regenerative, long-term, solution-oriented permaculture development that empowers everyday people. With diverse interests and decades of experience of involvement in global change, we came together to research and share successful models of community-based permaculture work.


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