"Permaculture Inspiring Climate Change Adaptation" Book

This session will launch and present the book entitled “Permaculture Inspiring Climate Change Adaptation”.

The adventure of creating this book had its seed touching the ground in Cuba during the last IPC. Researchers and practitioners have come together in order to produce a book that has 7 major objectives:
• Communicate the essence of permaculture as a process of ecosocial (and economic) design, incorporating diverse methods and complementary to other approaches.
• Illustrate the breadth of applications of permaculture in climate adaptation, (in a broad sense, including mitigation), through compilation and analysis of relevant case studies from all or most biomes worldwide.
• Explore the relevance of permaculture to more general concerns with sustainability, regeneration and resilience.
• Make permaculture more accessible to policy- and decision-makers as a source of solutions to current global challenges that promote sustainability, equity, resilience and regeneration.
• Examine parallels, synergies and other relationships between permaculture and other approaches and tools for climate adaptation.
• Critically reflect on the success and limitations of existing applications of permaculture to climate adaptation.
• Identify key recommendations for policy and practice.


I am a research-activist, to better understand the world we live in as well as test and promote integral, effective solutions that build local resilience and global sustainability. I am at the moment an invited professor at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon, and coordinate research on the topics of Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainability, and Community-Led Initiatives

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