Oil to Soil, Permaculture Investing

Successful Permaculture business models are essential to be able to convert more landscapes into ecologically and socially equitable systems.  Involving examples from our own Oil to Soil Investment model in an affluent area of Southern California, I will outline how we can create Permaculture designed multi-enterprise systems as a strategy to divest from the global stock market into resilient and economically viable endeavors that support local food stability and security. These types of creative investment structures allow for people with on-the-ground skill sets and practical-wisdoms to be partnered with people with financial resources and business savvy to create a natural capital backed, low risk investment where each of the key players and the surrounding community can flourish.  


“The human heart and the heart of the land must be in a parallel path of healing for the future generations to flourish.”

Warren Brush is a storyteller, mentor and a devoted “farmer of culture” who works to inspire people worldwide to discover, nurture, and express their inherent gifts to create a regenerative future. He is co-founder of Quail Springs Permaculture, the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya, Regenerative Earth-LLC, Casitas Valley Farm and Creamery, True Nature Design, and Sustainable Vocations.

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