The Intricacy of Social and Organisational Design: Chaordic Governance?

Based on a case study of an organisation and an emerging network rooted in and driven by permaculture and transition principles and practice, this contribution seeks to explain its transformation and consolidation over five years through a variety of design methods, seeking to address organisational, structural and social needs as they arose to the best of participants’ skills. Making the process explicit is part of an ongoing design process to adapt governance to the rapidly changing shape of the organisation and network.


Dr. Katy Fox is a social anthropologist, designer and educator passionate about social and cultural transformation. After doing research on peasant economy and livelihoods in Romania, she founded CELL, the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, an incubator for permaculture and transition living. She is interested in systems theory, ecology, political economy, social science, permaculture design, art, perennial plants and radical pedagogy.


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