In your backyard

In this workshop we will look at how we can rise to the challenges of living together in an urban setting. How do we overcome isolation, poor quality and insufficient housing, while encouraging support of the natural environment and service provision?

We will playfully explore how we can meet the needs of people, place and environment in Neighbourhood by constructing models in small groups, building with reused household materials. Participants will work with members of a co-operative project who have been working towards the creation of a sustainable neighbourhood for the past 4 years.
The workshop will conclude with the sharing of the models stories with the other groups and any discussion and reflection that arises from this.


I am a founder member of LCNC, we are working as a co-op to realise our vision of building a straw bale apartment block and community centre in Westminster! Including community kitchen urban agriculture, mutual fund, and lifelong learning projects.

I have facilitated workshops on consensus decision making and NonViolent communication in my work for the co-op and participated in workshop facilitation training with Seeds for Change.

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