How to build a better money system

How does the money system affect inequality, housing and the environment? 

We still have the same broken banking system we had in 2008 and we are on track for another financial crisis. We will discuss the current barriers with the money and banking system to creating a fair and sustainable society.

Positive Money is a research and campaigning organisation which aims to democratise money and banking so that it works for society and not against it. Positive Money has a following of over 40,000 supporters, and is the lead organisation of the international movement for money reform which spans 17 countries. We work with academics, economists, politicians, economics commentators, and civil society organisations to surface a debate about problems with our current money system and options for an alternative. 

The workshop will be participatory. 


Fran is Positive Money’s Executive Director. Fran studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and went on to complete a PhD researching carbon dioxide storage. Fran became interested in economics and money creation after realising that the huge environmental and global poverty crises we face could not easily be fixed without re-thinking how the current economic system works, and how to redesign it. Fran has worked at various global organisations including the United Nations, Greenpeace and BP.

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