Financial (Oikos) Permaculture

Financial* (Oikos) Permaculture is a burgeoning field within the PC movement. It focuses on how each of us consciously participates in our world beyond self-provisioning. How we finance/manage our personal lives, transact with each other, earn a living, create an enterprise, and connect with the Earth economy at large. In this workshop, we will explore many of the tools available to us via Permaculture Design, specifically applied to Financial Permaculture.  

(Note: *Financial is an imperfect term, although commonly used to refer to this field, does not quite capture its breadth and complexity. Oikos could be a better term, Greek for management of the household)


Mario Yanez is passionate about the possibility of growing a Life-sustaining culture in the Greater Everglades, his home bioregion. He is an ecologist, organic farmer, and activist, sharing his vision of the necessary transition toward growing ecologically-sustainable and resilient human communities everywhere. He has attained a deep understanding of our interconnectedness with all life, the severity of current ecological crises we collectively face, and the necessary evolution humans must go through in a short amount of time.

Mario founded Earth Learning to create empowering, ecological learning experiences to assist in this cultural evolutionary process. Mario has several decades of experience applying systems-thinking in nonprofits and educational institutions and has developed a gift for creating cutting-edge programming and curriculum that is relevant, effective and fundable. In his practice as Permaculture Designer, he is applying permaculture design principles at various scales, implementing regenerative productive landscapes, organisations and social systems.

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