Energy Revolution - your guide to making it happen

The presentation will cover the topic of my forthcoming book (due out about then):
1. How we have ended up with the current centralized polluting energy system, and why it seems unable to change when all the signs say that it needs to be transformed very rapidly,
2. Stories of the renewable energy and community energy revolution – Denmark, Germany, Japan, etc. 100% renewable is already happening,
3. How to set up your own community energy co. – the steps and principles to go about creating this change in your community.


Howard is the founder and MD of Southern Solar Ltd, installing solar systems for over 13 years. He was chair of the Solar Trade Association from 2007 to March 2012 and has been actively involved in lobbying government to increase the ambition and profile of solar PV and thermal in the UK. Howard also founded Ovesco, one of the first community owned energy companies in the UK.


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