Design for life - Permaculture & The Food Forest Story

Design for Life – the Movie
‘A documentary designed to change the world’

This inspiring film will show you how humans can occupy the planet more sustainably.

‘Design for Life’ traces the development of an iconic Permaculture property known as 'The Food Forest' on the fringe of the city of Adelaide, which demonstrates how an ordinary family can heal a patch of land and grow more organic food than you thought possible, using less water than you thought probable and all without net carbon emissions!

It is a heart-warming adventure with masses of practical ideas and some radical visions for our cities of the future.

Written, shot and produced by British film-maker Sam Collins with farmer and environmental educator Graham Brookman, the 68 minute movie also includes interviews with permaculture originator David Holmgren and Food Forest developers Graham and Annemarie Brookman who show how vibrant and economically viable farms around a city can be supplied with recycled urban organic waste and water and convert it back to certified organic food.


“A must-see film”

Against the challenges of peak oil, climate change and escalating population, the film articulates how permaculture can reimagine our cities for sustainability".
Joel Catchlove, Organic Gardener Magazine

"One of the world’s best films to inspire people that a sustainable way of living is possible and enjoyable."
David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture

Either or both of Graham and Annemarie would be available for a Q &A session.


Graham is a horticulturist and educator with a long career at the University of Adelaide during which he also built up the certified organic permaculture demonstration farm known as The Food Forest. He and his wife Annemarie cultivate some 150 varieties of fruit, nuts and vegetables and also teach permaculture design on-farm. He is chairman of the Adelaide Showground Farmers active in the area of town and regional planning and is one of Australia’s foremost permaculture designers


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