Building alliances for community-led action

ECOLISE proposes to host a panel discussion and workshop on how we can maintain and build alliances to continue the work of 'designing the world we want' post-conference. ECOLISE, the European network of community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability, brings together 34 member organisations from across Europe, with key representatives from all the main movements of community-led initiatives (Permaculture, Transition, Ecovillages, etc..). It provides a platform for exchange and cooperation between initiatives, while also involving researchers, training organisations and others stakeholders that can support and promote community-led action.

During the session, we will hear from networks within Ecolise, as well as from other networks, alliances and organisations, and together we will explore .opportunities for strengthening collaboration and mutual learning so that we can build on the conference outcomes and work together to bring about the transition to a more sustainable Europe and world. The workshop will look at two key aspects - policy level work and concrete actions at local level.

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