IPCUK Report


In September 2015, the culmination of three years effort and cross-continental collaboration resulted in a wave of permaculture activity in the UK and beyond:

  • the 12th International Permaculture Conference, held in the Friends Meeting House, London, September 8th - 9th

  • an International Research Day held in the Friends Meeting House, London, September 10th

  • the International Permaculture Convergence held in Gilwell Park, just north of London, September 10th - 16th

  • multiple “edge events” organised all around the UK and further afield in Europe both before and after the Conference and Convergence.


“It feels like Permaculture is going through a step change, and I hope all this energy can truly translate into an upscaling of action.” Conference attendee.


You can read the report here (PDF).

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The 12th International Permaculture Convergence and Conference.

Over a thousand practitioners and activists joined from around the world.


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