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PDF icon A Baseline Survey of Temperate Forest Gardens.pdf3.67 MB
PDF icon A Future City Model - Marcia Amidon.pdf2.45 MB
PDF icon Ancient+Food+Future+Food+Slideshow.pdf4.04 MB
PDF icon A Paradise Called Marizá - Marsha Hanzi.pdf7.11 MB
PDF icon A Permaculture Approach to Soil - Chris Warburton Brown.pdf283.74 KB
PDF icon Bringing the Forest Garden Indoors - Jerome Osentowski _ small.pdf2.3 MB
PDF icon Brookman - Measuring permaculture.pdf1.46 MB
PDF icon Building Community Resilience Through Collaborative Action - Trathen Heckman.pdf5.97 MB
PDF icon Can Arable Be Permacultural.pdf1.47 MB
PDF icon Community Drought Solutions - Jeremiah Kidd.pdf1.92 MB
PDF icon Community Farm Buy Outs - Large and O'Connell.pdf6.75 MB
PDF icon Conrad - Permaculture in Malawi IPC Presentation 2015.pdf1.55 MB
PDF icon Designing Successful Enterprises for People and Planet.pdf8.8 MB
PDF icon Discover Sociocracy 3.pdf1.9 MB
PDF icon EcoSystemDesign.pdf1.3 MB
PDF icon Energy Revolution - Your Guide to Making it Happen - Howard Johns.pdf3.75 MB
PDF icon George McAllister - Restoring Degraded Ecosystems - case study Zimbabwe.pdf6.03 MB
PDF icon Holistic research of holistic practice.pdf1.18 MB
PDF icon Grow It Yourself - Richard Webb.pdf5.84 MB
PDF icon Harnessing the Potential for Permaculture for Sustainable Development.pdf3.83 MB
PDF icon IPC Presentation.Pandora Thomas.pdf575.06 KB
PDF icon IPCUK-Presentation Earthships.pdf2.08 MB
PDF icon John Nzira - Households as permaculture nodes.pdf889.94 KB
PDF icon Learning by doing.pdf5.13 MB
PDF icon Legible Landscapes_Boehnlein_Kearsley.pdf6.45 MB
PDF icon Lessons Learned From Peri Urban Farms - Annemarie Brookman.pdf4.46 MB
PDF icon Oikos (Financial) Permaculture.pdf317.39 KB
PDF icon Permaculture a design science for all - IPCUK conference 2015 - 20 mins.pdf9.2 MB
PDF icon Permaculture from Rainbow Valley Farm to the Village - Trish Allen.pdf8.01 MB
PDF icon Permaculture in Indian Agriculture.pdf4.1 MB
PDF icon Permaculture's Place in Higher Education.pdf2.55 MB
PDF icon Permaculture Institute of Italy.pdf2.66 MB
PDF icon Plants for a permaculture future - Chris Marsh PFAF.pdf748.11 KB
PDF icon Permaculture Your School and Transform Your Town.pdf8.8 MB
PDF icon Positive Money.pdf4.75 MB
PDF icon Quakers as self designing community - Laurie Michaelis and Ed Tyler.pdf194 KB
PDF icon Rebecca Laughton - Small Farm Productivity.pdf3.4 MB
PDF icon Real life forest gardens - Tomas Remiarz.pdf8.09 MB
PDF icon Regenerative Enterprise and the 8 Forms of Capital.pdf6.78 MB
PDF icon Rosemary morrow.pdf249.95 KB
PDF icon Savings Pools.pdf5.76 MB
PDF icon Speak Street Language Cafe.pdf2.51 MB
PDF icon Scaling up - Professionalizing the Permaculture Movement.pdf8.32 MB
PDF icon Sustainable healthcare systems as part of permaculture.pdf97.77 KB
PDF icon The Answer Lies in the Soil - Graham Bell.pdf6.85 MB
PDF icon The Ecosystem of Community Action - Joshua Msika - IPCUK2015.pdf773.68 KB
PDF icon The Garden of Complete Being.pdf387.12 KB
PDF icon Unlocking sustainable livelihoods: keyhole gardens in Africa and beyond - Send a Cow.pdf7.82 MB