1993 Scandinavia

The IPC started with a Permaculture Design Course in Norway, then a boat trip to Sweden (Gerlesborg) for the Convergence, then a bus trip through Denmark to Copenhagen for the Conference. Many people have said this was the best conference ever, because a government aid organization helped finance many permaculture practitioners from the Global South to participate.

There were about 400 people at the Conference, about 120 at the Convergence, and lots of people from the Global South. Bill Mollison was at the Conference in Copenhagen and accepted the principle of decentralizing the PC network as the numbers had created difficulties in the centralized system of issuing diplomas. He officially delegated authority to issue diplomas to Scott Pitman for the USA, Declan Kennedy & Tony Anderson for Europe, Ali Sharif for Latin America. Tony never used this authority personally but set up the Convergence model for diplomats, and Ali never used it, feeling that people wanted Bill's signature on their diplomas.

There is a report, a paperback of 137 pages in Tonys office in Copenhagen.


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